Kocher Jonas

(22. 08. 1977)

Kocher Jonas
Kocher Jonas
Mittelstrasse 16
CH-2502 Biel/Bienne (BE)



Genre: Classical Music
The Swiss accordion player, electronic musician and composer was born in 1977. He studied accordion with Teodoro Anzellotti and new music theater with Georges Aperghis and Pierre Sublet. He currently plays in many improvised music projects in Switzerland and Europe as accordion player and electronic musician. As accordion player, Jonas Kocher uses several extended technics and the instrument is considerated in his globality as sound and noise producer.Concerts and collaborations with Urs Leimgruber, Michel Doneda, Thomas Lehn, Hans Koch, Peter Evans, Christian Weber, Christian Wolfarth, Jean Bordé, Andrew Drury, Ensemble Rue du Nord, Lukatoyboy, Blank Disc duo, Raed Yassin, ...
Self-taught composer, he works in the field of new music theatre. His theatral and/or music compositions have been played at Biennale Bern'03, Theater Basel, Zentrum Paul Klee, Festival Encuentros Buenos Aires, KlangKunstBühne Berlin, Festival Concentus Moravie, Biennale Zagreb, …. He regulary composes music for radio features (Hörspiel) for the swiss radio DRS2 and for theater.
2004/05 : 6 month's residence at the Cité des arts, Paris, grant of the Canton de Berne. 2005 : Culture prize of the City of Nyon (CH).

Work list
BIANCA K. ou "Les méfaits de la Musique" (2002-2003)
for soprano, oboe, accordeon, piano, electronics and diverse accessories
Musical theatre in ten scenes. Utilises found sonorous and textual objects. The musicians have to perform a large number of actions without instruments. DVD available.
Duration: 60' 00"
Trio (2003)
for mandolin, guitar and harp
Duration: 7' 00"
Jeune homme, écoute...! (2004)
for electric bass (or guitar), violoncello, small accordeon, video, electronic texts and tape recorder
A composition based on books about education of young people from the 1940s.
Big interaction between the video and the musicians.
Duration: 10' 00"
for 18 musicians, solos and extras
Theatre musical project. A sound installation bound to one building, its architecture and the people who work in it.
Duration: 70' 00"
Kopf hoch! (2004)
for 5 performers and 6 tape recorders
Low-tech concrete music with minimal actions for the performers. Furtive apparition of Heintje.
Duration: 10' 00"
Play-along (2004)
for tenor saxophone, 5
Deconstruction of Blue Bossa. Diffused harmonies, the light is pale and intermittent.
Duration: 1' 00"
Harmonie mit schräger Dämpfung und Sopranbimbo (2005)
for voice, alto flute/piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and playback tape
Texts: Paul Klee
Duration: 13' 00"
Dubbing &Naturjutz (2005-2006)
for ensemble (baritone saxophone, violin, violoncello, guitar, piano, percussion) and 7 cassette recorders
Facial gestures, playback Yodel, laments of the sirens and specialised sounds using the cassette recorders.
At once ironic and tragic.
Duration: 10' 00"
Vallon de l'Ermitage (2006)
Aural and visual installation
for 3 musicians, sound system, walker, dogs and playback
Project realised for the 'Centre Dürrenmatt', Neuchâtel.
Duration: 50' 00"
Hanne (2006)
Radio play music
Texts: Nina Jäckle
Schlaflose Nacht (2007)
Radio play music
Texts: Alice Rivaz
Eine Adresse in Paris (2008)
Radio play music
Texts: Memo Anjel
3 Ombres (2008)
for voice, ensemble (fl, cl, vl, vc, piano) music boxs and electronics
An acoustic setting for the piece "Pierrot Lunaire" by Arnold Schönberg. This composition is only to be played together with Schönberg's work. There are a few scenic elements and some spatial distribution of the musicians.
Duration: 1 h including "Pierrot Lunaire"
Duration: 60' 00"
[S3RG] (2009)
for ensemble
Utilises unusual forms of play and vocal methods.
Duration: 2' 00"
Warum das Kind in der Polenta kocht (2010)
Music for a radio play
Texts: Aglaja Veteranyi
Radio play director: Symona Ryser.
GRRR..!! (2010)
for string quartet
Semi-graphical and verbal notation. Uses the voice.
Duration: 7' 00"
Promenade à travers une oeuvre (2010)
for 2 comedians, saxophone, electronics and lighting
A project about the mathematician Alexandre Grothendieck staged inside the Lorraine bridge in Berne.
A work about the acoustics of a location and its perception.
Duration: 50' 00"
Musical theatre
for a violist and a violoncellist
Texts: Georges Aperghis
A study on sound, gesture, voice and tension.
Duration: 45' 00"
Lucerne Improvisation II (2010)
for sax, accordion, 2 pianos and viola
Duration: 25' 00"
Agitations (Adagio) (2011)
for orchestra, director and cd player
Sound, silence, some small theatrical and vocal activities for the director.
Duration: 6' 00"
Nichts ist geschehen (2011)
Radio play music
Texts: Sylvie Neeman Romanesco
Stefan Heilmann.
Möller, Torsten: Frictions. Ein Théâtre Musical von Jonas Kocher in Zürich, in: Dissonanz 113 (2011), S. 77 [Internet]