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musinfo, the database of Swiss music lists Swiss composers , interpreters , improvising musicians , ensembles and musicologists from the fields of old and modern music.

Each individual is presented with his or her biography and a photograph, in many cases an additional bibliography and a reference to the sound-recording medium is also provided.
Composers present their catalogue of works with detailed information of each composition (exact scoring, publisher, archive, explanation of work).
Interpreters and ensembles present their core repertoires. They can be found by searching for their preferred instrument(s) .
Musicologists and musicographers present their most important works and the results of their research.

musinfo was founded on 24.08.2014 as a joint project between the SUISA Foundation, Swiss Music Edition (SME/EMS), the Swiss Association of Musicians (STV/ASM) and the University of Zurich’s Department of Musicology. These institutions formed the governing body, which was dissolved on 10.07.2014.

The database is operated since 7/11/2014 by Swiss Music Edition SME.

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