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Musinfo is the internet hub for Swiss music. On the following pages you will find a comprehensive and manifold network of information about the Swiss music scene.

This system consists of a directory of composers and a complete list of their works, from detailed information on instrumentation and duration of the compositions through to order details and the repertoire list of several interpreters and ensembles. Interpreters can also be found by searching for the instrument of their choice. Musicologists, journalists and musicographers are presented with a bibliography of their publications.

Post address, telephone and fax number, E-mail address, a portrait photograph and a link to the individual's own homepage is provided in addition to a biographical text in the respective native language. A keyword bibliography provides information on published texts and works by specific individuals.

All compositions are itemised according to a score register which allows for the possibility of retrieving a list of works containing a specific instrument or combination of instruments. It is also possible to retrieve works by year of composition, duration, librettist and so on.

A cross linking grid leads the user from ensemble members to individuals, from compositions to their interpreters, from texts to their authors and from there to further texts and so on.

The search function enables users to enter combined queries for a range of criteria using various search fields.

The system is equipped with a full-text quick search where it is possible to enter a search string with the potential of finding results in works, biographies, texts etc.
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