Kolly d'Alba Rachel


Kolly d'Alba Rachel
Kolly d'Alba Rachel
c/o Claudine Bosson
CP 6847
CH -1002 Lausanne (VD)

Genre: Classical Music
Professional activity: Interpreters
* 1981.

Rachel Kolly d'Alba was born in Lausanne. She began to play the violin at the age of 5 and comenced piano lessons with the composer Alexandra Cserveny three years later. At the age of 10 she visited the Conservatory of her native city and received her instrumental diploma and teacher's diploma for chamber music at the age of 15. She performed her first solo part in an orchestra at the age of 12.
In 1998 she entered the master class of the renowned professor Igor Ozim at the Berner Musikhochschule. She received her soloist's diploma. She took part in numerous master classes abroad with her professor, Mr. Ozim. She also took courses with such professors as Franco Gulli (Bloomington), Ivry Gitlis (Paris), György Pauk (London, Royal Academy), Thomas Brandis (Berlin) and Boris Kushnir (Vienna). In addition to this she also benefits from the tutelage of Bruno Canino in the field of contemporary music, from Thomas Kakuska (Alban Berg Quartett), Malcolm Bilson (piano) and perfects herself in the art of Beethoven's chamber music in Paris with Jean-Jacques Kantorow.
Rachel Kolly d'Alba equally appreciates the art of composition and has taken courses in orchestration with the composer Jean Ballissat since the age of 16. She subsequently studied composition in Geneva under Professor Michael Jarrell.
In 1994 Rachel Kolly d'Alba won the 1st prize in the final of the Jeunesses Musicals in Zurich, in 2000 she was finalist in the 10th Tournoi Eurovision des Jeunes Musiciens in Switzerland and received the 1st prize of the Kiefer Hablitzel Foundation, in 1997 she was awarded the Paderweski prize, in 1998 she won the 1st prize with congratulations by the jury at the Concours d'Exécution Musicale "Jeunes Talents" in Moudon. In 2002 she was awarded the prize of the Fridl-Wald Foundation and in 2004 the culture prize of the Leenards Foundation.
In 2005 she was awarded at the 5th international competition "Julio Cardona" in Portugal and simultaneously received the prize for the best interpretation of a contemporary work.
Rachel Kolly d'Alba is a member of the Paul Klee ensemble. Her repertoire reaches from Bach to the contemporary avant-garde composers.
She plays an Italian violin from 1750.

Luciano Berio: "O King" pour voix et 5 instrumentistes
Ernest Bloch: Baal Shem for violin and piano
John Cage: Solo for voice No 6
Alexandra Cserveny: Réminiscences für Violine solo
Jean-Luc Darbellay: Empreintes for violin, violoncello and piano
Hanns Eisler: 14 Arten, den Regen zu beschreiben pour flûte, violon-alto, violoncelle, piano et clarinette
Hanns Eisler: Venus Palmström pour récitant, violon, cl vlc, fl.
Katrin Frauchiger: Es ist alles anders for soprano, bass clarinet and violin
Eric Gaudibert: Capriccio for violin solo
Eric Gaudibert: Orées for violin, flute, violoncello, piano and clarinet
Sofija Gubaidulina: Der Seiltänzer
Heinz Holliger: Trema for viola (or violoncello or violin) solo
Heinz Holliger: Vier Lieder ohne Worte for violin and piano
Mauricio Kagel: Tango Aleman pour violon, accordéon, chant et piano
Jonas Kocher: Harmonie mit schräger Dämpfung und Sopranbimbo for voice, alto flute/piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and playback tape
György Kurtág: Kafka Fragmente pour Soprano et Violon
Olivier Messiaën: Thème et Variations
Olivier Messiaën: Quatuor pour la fin du temps
Tristan Murail: 13 couleurs du soleil couchant pour violon, flûte, violoncelle, piano et clarinette
Arvo Pärt: Fratres pour violon et orchestre
Hans Schaeuble: Trio, op. 45 for violin, violoncello and piano
Jean-Claude Schlaepfer: Trio "à Karin" for violin, violoncello and piano
Erich Schmid: Mura, op. 16 for flute, violin and violoncello
Alfred Schnittke: Madrigal in memoriam Oleg Kagan für Violine solo
Alfred Schnittke: A Paganini für Violine solo
Alfred Schnittke: Suite im alten Stil
Alfred Schnittke: Stille Nacht
Alfred Schnittke: Gratulationsrondo
Alfred Schnittke: Stille Musik pour violon et violoncelle
Dmitri Schostakovitsch: Präludium und Scherzo pour Sextuor à cordes
Arnold Schönberg: Phantasy, Op. 47 für Violine und Klavier
Arnold Schönberg: Pierrot Lunaire
Nadir Vassena: Triptych - Crucifixion for solo violin, flute, clarinet, violoncello and piano
Sándor Veress: Introduzione e Coda for clarinet, violin and violoncello
Ici ailleurs Suisse Arménie (Swiss Modern, 2006)
Kolly d'Alba, Rachel
Frauchiger, Katrin: Es ist alles anders (1999)
With more works of: Nadir Vassena, Aram Hovhannisyan, Rudolf Kelterborn, Arzas Voskanian, Eric Gaudibert

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