Weiss Peter Philippe

(02. 10. 1962)

Weiss Peter Philippe
Weiss Peter Philippe
c/o Corporate Sound AG
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Genre: Classical Music
Professional activity: Composers, Interpreters
* 02. 10. 1962.

Composer and producer Peter Philippe Weiss is an experienced music and sound expert who, for 25 years, has been boasting a wide range of creativity in film scores, sound design and live performance.
At the age of nine, Peter Philippe Weiss began a 10-year training in classical violin. His keen interest in new musical developments made him learn the following additional instruments as an autodidact: acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, drums/percussion, and piano/keyboards. He played these instruments in various bands and musical formations, such as Bi-Kids (git, bs, key, viol), Duure-Duure (bs, key), acid jazz sessions (bs) with Jan Spalinger and Hans Feigenwinter, as well as a busker (bs) throughout Europe. As a guest musician in 1991 with Canadian performance band, The Look People, he played keyboards and violin. Together with this band he performed at St. Gallen Open-Air, CBGB's in New York, and the 'Diamonds' in Toronto.
Peter Philippe Weiss is constantly in search of new listening experiences: For A musical journey through the Paris Métro, he roamed the Paris Métro for weeks, equipped with a digital recorder and microphone, taping thundering trains, singing clochards and mysterious underground atmospheres. He then arranged the captured sounds in a musical soundscape, thereby winning the MANOR special award in a national art contest.
In 1994 Peter Philippe Weiss founded Corporate Sound AG, thereby creating one of the earliest professional communication agencies for acoustic branding. Today, the sound branding agency from Basel attends to national and international clients in all applications of sound in corporate communication: from TV spot scores to music for films, 3D soundscapes for exhibitions and trade shows, sound installations in cities, acoustic productions of electronic media like applications for iPhone and iPad, and the implementation of corporate identity into the acoustic dimension – corporate sound. Clients include ABB, Axel Springer Verlag, coop, VALSER/Coca Cola, Deutsche Telekom, IWC, Intersport, DURAVIT, Sauber F1, Swarowski, Swiss Olympic, Swisscom, Tissot, and others. As the winner of an international sound design contest, Corporate Sound AG is Deutsche Telekom's regular contractual partner in the range of "Product & Innovation". (
In 2003 Peter Philippe Weiss composed and produced the Jazz Lounge CD ZEN JAZZ, a contemplative opus mirroring values like serenity, space and time in a musical way. (
In 2005 Peter Philippe Weiss single-handedly realised a city sound installation in the middle of Basel's town centre, consisting of 16 different sound sources, and with the power of about 20'000 Watts, incorporating new spaces into the existing sound environment with highly realistic soundscapes. Two years later, on the occasion of the 2. Hörforum of Osnabrück University, he made sound to emerge from the sewers of Osnabrück's Marktplatz in an installation called unterwelten.
In 2008 Peter Philippe Weiss realised mindgames, his debut as a solo performer consisting of three musical story-telling soundscapes at Basel's Imprimerie. In August 2009 his unterwelten resounded in a new shape and in co-operation with Schwerhörigenverband (association of hearing impaired people) in Basel's city centre. (
In the same year, he wrote the score for the feature film MANIPULATION starring Klaus-Maria Brandauer und Sebastian Koch (film started February 2011).
Peter Philippe Weiss acts as a consultant, composer, sound artist, sound designer, producer, speaker and guest lecturer at Universität St. Gallen, Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich (HWZ), and a permanent lectureship at FH Offenburg. Since 1994 he runs Corporate Sound AG, realising ambitious sound projects in the field of acoustic branding and sound design for exhibitions, museums, events and product design.
In 2009 Corporate Sound AG was awarded the red dot design award for sound branding.

Work list
Eine musikalische Reise durch die Pariser Métro (A Musical Journey Through the Paris Métro) (1988-1989)
A kind of 'film-soundtrack-song'

Instrumentation: original-sound soundscape, bass, E-guitar, synth, piano, drums, percussion, sampler, singing voices, actors (speech)

Texts: Peter Philippe Weiss

A kind of atmospheric film soundtrack-song using original sounds from the Paris Métro, singing and actors voices. A Métro journey through the tubular system, with stops at three Métro stations and a dream-like musical ride through the subterranean world of the Métro.
This work was honoured with the 1990 MANOR KUNSTPREIS in the category 'special mention'.

Duration: 15' 00"
"Zzzip... ...ooOH?!?" (1995)
A live radio drama-performance

Instrumentation: for E-guitar, E-bass, sampler, multitrack player (8-track), actors

Texts: Peter Philippe Weiss

The performance 'Zzzip... ...ooOH?!?' was presented in the former cinema 'Movie' in Basel. A melange of radio drama, film soundtrack, storytelling and rock band. Heinz Schäublin was responsible for the light design and 4-channel surround sound was used for the sound stories.

Duration: 55' 00"
Groovin' (1999)

Instrumentation: for guitar, keyboard and percussion

Duration: 6' 00"
zen jazz (2000-2001)
A music CD with contemplative jazz-lounge

Instrumentation: for piano, saxophone, trumpet, didgeridoo, transverse flute, guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, sampler, noises, sound design

Large, empty rooms, minimal melodies in memory of the Miles Davis culture and lots of silence. Five deliberate compositions bound by four artificial wind voices as a counterpoint to our loud and hectic world. The association to Eastern Zen philosophy exists in a musical translation of such values as silence, room, moment and consideration. ZEN-jazz is music to think about, to reflect, meditate and enjoy. "Music that creates a warm room – for a considerate moment with oneself.

Duration: 45' 00"
Paola (Rätätädärä) (2003)

Instrumentation: for song, guitar, double bass and computer

Texts: Peter Philippe Weiss

Duration: 4' 00"
A city-sound intervention in the public sphere

Instrumentation: sound collages, voices, noise collages, synth, sampler

Texts: Peter Philippe Weiss

'Headroom' is a multi-dimensional, multi-channel-controlled artistic sound installation in the middle of the city of Basel. An installation of previously unheard authenticity, intensity and quality owing to the ca. 120-hidden-speaker, 30 000-watt-power composed sound world in the adjoining alleys of Gerbergasse, Gerbergässlein Pfluggässlein.
Headroom constructs sensuously intensive aural worlds, tears the room apart and allows impossible and surprising situations and actions to occur that do not correspond with the perceived environment, but are non-the-less sensed as hyperreal, as 'reality' in the heads of passers-by.

Duration: 7 x 4 Min.
Cloud on a ship (2005)

Instrumentation: for voice, guitar, keyboard, contrabass and percussion

Texts: Peter Philippe Weiss

Duration: 6' 00"
A long long cup of tea (2007)

Instrumentation: for voice, guitar, piano and percussion

Texts: Peter Philippe Weiss

Duration: 4' 00"
Rain (2007)

Instrumentation: for piano and various instruments

Duration: 5' 00"
Call of the Sirens (2008)

Instrumentation: for voice, keyboard and instruments

Texts: Peter Philippe Weiss

Duration: 3' 00"

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