Le Banquet d'Apollon

Le Banquet d'Apollon
Le Banquet d'Apollon
François Mützenberg
36 rue Sonnex
CH-1218 Le Grand-Saconnex

The ensemble Le Banquet d'Apollon was founded in 2001 by François Mützenberg and is named after a collection of airs, published in London in various re-editions since the second half of the 17th century. In addition to the historical connection, the name also indicates the ensemble's intention to place their work, artistically and intellectually, in a context of everything festive, nourishing and refined. They are convinced, that as far as music is concerned, sensual pleasure reaches its highest dimension in combination with spiritual pleasure ... and vice versa!
Le Banquet d'Apollon covers a wide range of instruments of varying timbre including voice, viola da gamba, archlute, several models of recorders, as well as baroque musette and chalumeau.
Their original and attractive repertoire consists of the widely unknown hybrid between Italian Baroque music and traditional Celtic music (Scottish and Irish).

Lisette Aubert (viole de gambe)
François Mützenberg (flûte à bec)
Gisèle Rime (voix)
Jonathan Rubin (luth)

Ms Balcarres: The Chancellours Farewell
F. Barsanti: Sonata Op. I, Nr. 3
F. Barsanti: Pinkie House
F. Barsanti: The Bonny Earl of Murray
F. Barsanti: The Broom of Cowden knows
F. Barsanti: Thro the Wood Laddie
Ms Blaikie: Where Hellen lays
M. Blavet: Ma chère mère que je révère
M. Blavet: La Voluptueuse
M./J. Blavet/Hotteterre: Pourquoi doux rossignols?
G. Bononcini: Divertimento da camera VII
G. Bononcini: Divertimento da camera II
G. Bononcini: Divertimento da camera III
A. Campra: Aimable Vainqueur
O Carolan: Carolan Concerto
O Carolan: Fanny Dillon
O Carolan: Molly Mc Call
O Carolan: Henry Mc Dermott Roe
F. Couperin: Le rossignol en amours
J. B. de Boismortier: Sonate op. 35
L./M. de Lully/Marais: Menuet d'Alcide
M. P. de Montéclair: Ah quand reviendra-t-il ce temps Brunette?
M. P. de Montéclair: J'ay passé deux jours sans vous voir
M. P. de Montéclair: Je suis charmé d'une brune
M. P. de Montéclair: La bergère Célimène
B. de Scellery: Suite de branles
R. de Visée: Suite de pièces en la mineur
F. Geminiani: Sonata Op. I, Nr. 7/8
F. Geminiani: Auld Bob Maurrice
F. Geminiani: The Night her silent Sable wore
Mc Gibbon: Sour Plumbs
Ms Gillespie: Miss Carmichaels minuet
N. Gow: Miss Sarah Drummond of Perth Strathspey
N. Gow: Mrs. Macdonald of Clanrannalds Reel
N. Gow: Mount your Baggage
N. Gow: Lawers House
N. Gow: Dunkeld House
J. Hotteterre: L'autre jour m'allant promener
J. Hotteterre: Le beau berger Tircis
J. Hotteterre: Nicolas va voir Jeanne
J. Hotteterre: L'autre jour ma Cloris
J. Hotteterre: À l'ombre d'un ormeau
J. Hotteterre: Pourquoi n'avoir pas le cœur tendre?
G. F. Händel: Sonate op.1 Nr. 1a
G. F. Händel: Scipione
G. F. Händel: Sonate manuscrite
G. F. Händel: Hallenser sonata Nr. 2
G. F. Händel: Il Pastor Fido
G. F. Händel: Sonate HWV 378
G. F. Händel: Sonate op. 1 Nr. 5
G. F. Händel: Vo far guerra
G. F. Händel: Sonate op. 1 Nr. 12b
M./J. Lambert/Hotteterre: Je suis aimé de celle que j'adore
J. B. Lully: Où êtes-vous allées, mes Amourettes?
J. B. Lully: La Sarabande d'Issé
M. Marais: Troisième livre, 6ème suite
Ms Mc Farlane: Pibroch
Ms Mc Farlane: Alloa House
J. Mikel: Quadrille Russe
W. A. Mozart: Deutsche Tänze KV 605.1, 605.2, 602.3 et 602.2
Ms anonyme pour la musette: Branles du Poictou, branle de Mademoiselle
A. Munro: Bonny Jean of Aberdeen
A. Munro: Long cold Nights / Mary Scot
A. Munro: Gallow Sheels
Hibernian Muse: Starsfield Lamentation
J. Oswald: Barbra Allan
J. C. Pepusch: Sonate op.1 Nr. 1
J. C. Pepusch: Sonate op.1 Nr. 2
J.J. Rousseau: Les Ormeaux
Ms Sinkler: Saw ye nae my Peggy
Ms Skene: Remember me at evening
Ms Skene: I serve a worthie Ladie
Ms Skene: Canaries
L. Stasny: Mazurka
J. Strauss: Galop Chinois
R. Sumarte: Fortune
J. Thompson: Il mak you be fain to follow me
J. Thompson: Where shall our Goodmann lye in the cold Winter Night
W. Thompson: Gilderoy
W. Thompson: For our lang biding here
W. Thompson: The Wawking of the Faulds
W. Thompson: Willie Winkies Testament
W. Thompson: My Jo Janet
W./W. Thompson/Mc Gibbon: Clout the Caldron / The Tinkers occupation
W./J. Thompson/Oswald: My Deary, if thou die
traditionnel: Eibhlí Gheal Chiúin Ní Chearbhaill
traditionnel: Hopetoun House
traditionnel: Hugar mon fona Souraling
traditionnel: The bonny Bunch of Roses
F. M. Veracini: Sonata IX
Manchester viol book: Lancashire pipe
"Aria di camera : A Choice Collection of Scotch & Irish Airs" (chez Gallo Nr. CD- 1329, 2012)
Le Banquet d'Apollon

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