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Frauchiger Katrin

(26. 10. 1967)

Frauchiger Katrin
Frauchiger Katrin
Rabbentalstr. 59
CH-3013 Bern (BE)

Tel: +41 (0)31 302 85 32
Fax: +41 (0)31 302 85 32


Genre: Classical Music
Professional activity: Composers, Interpreters
* 26. 10. 1967.

Katrin Frauchiger studied voice at the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater Bern" and in Cambridge USA (soloist diploma with distinction) as well as composition under Michael Jarrell at the "Musikhochschule Zürich". She attended the workshops of Chaya Czernowin, Frederik Rzewski, Donald Martino, Fred Frith, Klaus Huber and Heinz Holliger.
Specialising in contemporary music, Katrin Frauchiger has performed on innumerable occasions in the USA and premiered a great number of works by composers such as Frangis Ali-Sade, Jürg Wyttenbach, Mischa Käser, Christoph Neidhöfer and Daniel Glaus. She performs as a soloist together with various ensembles and orchestras within the framework of international festivals, including the "IMF Luzern 1999", "Wiener Hörgänge 1999", Young Artists Festival Davos 2001, "Europäischer Musikmonat 2001", "Festival Incontemporanea 2005" and the "Lucca Europa Festival 2008", to name but a few.
Her compositions have seen world premiere performances at home and abroad by such formations as the Berner Kammerorchester, Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain, Ensemble Bern Modern, Ensemble Amaltea, Ensemble Swiss Modern and at the "FMF Festival 2001", the Festivals "L'Art pour L'Aar 2003, 2006 and 2010", the "Armenisch-schweizerischen Kulturtage 2004", the festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music Odessa 2005, the 37th "Festival Internacional Encuentros Buenos Aires 2006", the "Soirée Oppenheim CCS Paris 2006", "YOUrope together Essen 2008" and the "Festival Croisements, Chine 2010"; several performances were transmitted by Radio DRS 2 and German Radio. She has recorded various works on CD. Her artistic activity is characterised by a broad spectrum of cross-style and cross-media projects, collaborations with jazz musicians and involvement in film, dance and theatre productions in her role as an interpreter and composer.
Katrin Frauchiger received an award for her musical work from the Pro Arte Foundation in 2002 and was commissioned to write a composition for Pro Helvetia in 2004, and again in 2009. She received the canton of Berne's Appreciation Prize in 2007. Katrin Frauchiger is a lecturer at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts/Music.

Work list
Pompejï-Fragmente I-III (1997)

Instrumentation: for soprano, viola and violoncello

After wall instriptions in Pompei.
1. All lovers perish
2. Quisquis amat nigram
3. Nothing lasts forever

Duration: 8' 30"
An eine Tänzerin (1998)

Instrumentation: for two sopranos, flute, viola, violoncello and piano

Texts: R. Hezar-Khani

Duration: 8' 00"-9' 00"
Schaumspiel, eine Oper ohne (1999)
Musical theatre production

Instrumentation: for soprano, violin, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano and three actors

Texts: Paul Celan, Imre Kertesz

Musical theatre production about the indemnification for the victims of the Holocaust.
Composition: Katrin Frauchiger and Daniel Peter Birò.
Director/libretto: Sebastian Dietschi.

Duration: abendfüllend
Es ist alles anders (1999)

Instrumentation: for soprano, bass clarinet and violin

Texts: Paul Celan

From: 'Schaumspiel, eine Oper ohne'.

Duration: 3' 00"
... rauscht der Brunnen (1999)

Instrumentation: for soprano, violin, bass clarinet and piano

Texts: Paul Celan

Duration: 3' 00"
Action Shot (2000)
Live Music/dance/performance

Instrumentation: for soprano, piano, electronic tape and one female dancer

Texts: Jozsef Attila

Composition: Katrin Frauchiger and Michael Beck.

Duration: abendfüllend
Mimicri (2000-2001)

Instrumentation: for two pianos

Duration: 10' 00"
Code Decode (2003)
Choreographic project

Instrumentation: for soprano, piano, recorded material, electronics, lights and 5 dancers

Music to 'Code Decode' by the 'Compagnie Carole Meier'.
Composition: Katrin Frauchiger and Michael Beck.

Duration: abendfüllend
Lontano (2003-2004)

Instrumentation: for chamber ensemble (

Duration: 12' 00"
Stroke (2004)
Choreographic project

Instrumentation: for soprano, piano, electronic keyboard, electronics, recorded material, lights and 5 dancers

Music for the choreography: 'Strophe' by 'Compagnie Carole Meier'.
Composition: Katrin Frauchiger and Michael Beck.

Duration: abendfüllend
"... und die Nacht ist paillettenübersät" (2004-2005)
6 lieder based on texts by Meret Oppenheim

Instrumentation: for (mezzo-) soprano, flute and piano

Texts: Meret Oppenheim

Duration: 15' 00"
"Estos dias azules" (2008)

Instrumentation: for violin, viola and violoncello

After a motto by Antonio Machado.

Duration: 8' 00"
"Lü Yè – Travelling at night" (2010)

Instrumentation: for violo solo (with voice)

Texts: Bei Dao, Gu Cheng, Ping-Kwan Leung

Duration: 12' 00"
crestfallen / cliff-hanging (2010)

Instrumentation: for marimba and euphonium

Duration: 6' 00"
Frangiz Ali-Zade: Three Watercolours für Sopran, Flöte, Klavier
Gilberte Amy: D'un desastre obscur pour voix de mezzo-soprano et clarinette en la
Alban Berg: 7 frühe Lieder für Sopran und Klavier
Luigi Dallapiccola: Due liriche di Anacreonte für Sopran und Ensemble
Franco Donatoni: Cinis per voce feminile e clarinetto basso
Friedhelm Döhl: 7 Haiku für Sopran, Flöte und Klavier
Morton Feldman: The Rothko Chapel für Sopran, Alt, doppelten gemischten Chor, Schlagzeug, Celesta,
Elena Firsowa: Forest Walks for soprano and ensemble
Heinz Holliger: Schwarzgewobene Trauer for soprano, oboe, violoncello and harpsichord
Toshio Hosokawa: Renka I for soprano and guitar
Klaus Huber: Auf die ruhige Nacht-Zeit for soprano, flute, viola and violoncello
Adriana Hölszky: Sonnett for female voice and two guitars
Mischa Käser: the hard core of beauty for soprano and instrumental ensemble (fl/perc/acn/man/2vn.2va.2vc.db)
Maurice Ravel: Trois poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé pour soprano et ensemble
Kaija Saariaho: Die Aussicht für Sopran, Flöte, Violoncello, Klavier
Arnold Schönberg: Das Buch der hängenden Gärten, op. 15 für Sopran und Klavier
Igor Stravinskij: Three Japanese Lyrics für Sopran und Ensemble
Jürg Wyttenbach: verScherztes für eine Sopranistin
Festival L'art pour l'Aar. Die Konzerte 2008/2009 (Müller & Schade Nr. 5071/2, 2009)
Bovey, Pierre-André
Darbellay, Jean-Luc: Aulos (2000)
Henking, Christian: 3 Bagatellen für 3 Englischhörner (1999)
Holliger, Heinz: KLAUS-UR (2001-2002)
Wohlhauser, René: Streichtrio (2007)
Keller, Max E.: Cinque (2008)
Schweizer, Alfred: Burleske (2008)
Frauchiger, Katrin: "Estos dias azules" (2008)
Frischknecht, Hans Eugen: FanSolSi (2002)
Frischknecht, Hans Eugen: D Bewegig - Schmärz (2008)
Darbellay, Jean-Luc: Vif (2008)
Frischknecht, Hans Eugen: Quartett (2009)
With more works of: Gabrielle Brunner, Stefan Werren, Anastasiya Lozova, Theo Hirsbrunner, Daniel Andres, Pierre-André Bovey, Christian Giger, Markus Hofer, Ursula Gut
Festival L'art pour l'Aar. Die Konzerte. 2006 / 2007 (Müller und Schade Nr. 5050/2, 2007)
Frischknecht, Hans Eugen
Monot, Pierre-Alain
Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain NEC
Henking, Christian: Ich bin so müde von Seufzen (2001)
Schweizer, Alfred: Gitarrenmusik 5 (2002)
Frauchiger, Katrin: Lontano (2003-2004)
Furer, Arthur: Sechs geistliche Lieder (1963-1964)
Darbellay, Jean-Luc: Tschara (2007)
Schweizer, Alfred: Orchesterstück Nr. 5 "Greina" (2007)
Darbellay, Jean-Luc: Alize (2006)
Darbellay, Jean-Luc: Postojna (2004)
Frischknecht, Hans Eugen: 4 Bilder (2005)
Frischknecht, Hans Eugen: 4 Stücke (2001)
Gut, Ursula: ricercare (2006)
With more works of: Hans Studer, Pierre-André Bovey, Gerhard Holzer, Olivia Schweingruber, Raphael Gogniat, Alain Corbellari, Daniel Andres, Christian Giger, Daniel Glaus, Willy Merz
Ici ailleurs Suisse Arménie (Swiss Modern, 2006)
Kolly d'Alba, Rachel
Frauchiger, Katrin: Es ist alles anders (1999)
With more works of: Nadir Vassena, Aram Hovhannisyan, Rudolf Kelterborn, Arzas Voskanian, Eric Gaudibert
Gitarren-Duo Scheidegger/Schmidt (Grammont Porträt Nr. 90, 2004)
Frauchiger, Katrin
Scheidegger, Mats
Holliger, Heinz: Praeludium, Arioso und Passacaglia (1987)
Feldmann, Walter: how many parts of it – the one, – and [how many] [the] other, nr. 2 the other (2002)
With more works of: Helmut Lachenmann, Adriana Hölszky
Omlin, Christina: Next CH-Generation: Katrin Frauchiger. Expressive Welten, experimentelle Formen, in: cling Klong 46 (2001), S. 17-18
Schwarb, David: Katrin Frauchiger, hrsg. von Gabriela Kaegi (et al.) (Berner Almanach: Musik 4), Stämpfli Verlag, Bern 2001

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