Male voice

Regina Irman
Requiem "An den Tod" (1991-1993)
Based on a text by Anna Achmatowa

Instrumentation: for twenty-five female voices in six groups from very high to very low register and a minimum of three male voices (bass solo)

Texts: Anna Achmatowa

This piece is based on a phonetic analysis of the voice of Achmatowa as she reads one of her own texts, and it is the musical rather than the semantic elements of Achmatowa's recitation that have been used. A cantus firmus-like line (male voices) defines the melody of her speech in a slow motion tempo. The six choir groups run "homophonically" and are a vertically "harmonious" splitting of the cantus firmus.
Commissioned by Pro Helvetia.

Duration: 60' 00"
Postfach 7851
CH-6000 Luzern 7
CHF: 30.60
Hansruedi Willisegger
Vier geistliche Gesänge (1979)

Instrumentation: for twelve solo voices (seven female, five male) and mixed choir

Texts: Bibel / Liturgie

1. Lob und Herrlichkeit
2. Heilig ist Gott in Herrlichkeit
3. Christe, Du Lamm Gottes4. Gloria

Duration: 7' 00"
Postfach 7851
CH-6000 Luzern 7
CHF: 21.00